BuyerDepending on a client’s needs, a real estate associate can play severl different roles. dad-boys.jpgTo receive the proper support when buying a new home, we strongly recommend working with a Sales Associate who will look out for your best interest. This valuable expert will guide you through the home buying process so you can successfully purchase the home of your dreams.

Among other things, your agent:

  1. Conducts a buyer counseling session to discuss your needs and goals, and to plan the search for your property.
  2. Discusses agency alternatives for you and the sellers.
  3. Presents and explains to you the representation agreement and the special services and benefits it offers.
  4. Offers to arrange a pre-qualification or pre-approval appointment with a reputable lender to identify your range of affordability and to increase your negotiating strength.
  5. Provides knowledge of the geographic area, provides knowledge of the real estate market in the specific area, and provides a computer search to present the properties that meet your needs.
  6. Schedules appointments and shows you selected properties that meet the criteria you have selected.
  7. Prepares a negotiation strategy for the property you have selected, including a competitive market analysis and advice on the initial price and terms to offer where permitted.
  8. Prepares a written offer on the property you choose to purchase, with terms approved by you and presents the offer on your behalf.
  9. Recommends professional building inspections and reviews with you all inspection reports and other documents pertaining to the condition of the property and discloses all physical defects of the property know to him or her…Works with you to request the Seller to remedy the items you specify after your review of the inspection reports as your Offer to Purchase specifies.
  10. Monitors and informs you of the progress of the purchase agreement, including the satisfaction of all contingencies and conditions during the entire transaction from contract to closing.
  11. Accompanies you on a walk-through of the property (if one is called for in the contract) before closing, and assists you in dealing with any problems discovered during the walk-through.